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I’ve been feeling my mother around me lately. That’s not strange in any way since her birthday was the first day of May and one of her great loves was flowers. The beauty of flowering trees and bushes in addition to the daffodils, now past their prime, tulips and other spring glories, and the promise of roses, especially the roses…all speak of God’s generosity to me. And that word of God is synonymous with “motherlove,” wrapped in the smile of my mother.

If I sound too starry-eyed, please forgive me for my excess. The truth is that I won the parental lottery in this lifetime and it’s difficult not to shout about it although I rarely do because I know others have not been equally blessed. If I were given the opportunity to list my mother’s three best gifts to me, I would likely speak of her love of and faithfulness to God and the Holy Family (Jesus, Mary & Joseph), her lovely voice that she often exercised in church and shows and parties with friends, and her smile, generously bestowed on her family, her friends and basically anyone who crossed her path. My aunt – her sister – told me once that my mother was “the happy one.”

The bottom line of what she taught? It’s all about love, pure and freely given love and that’s the best lesson a person could impart. Happy Mother’s Day!