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I found a surprise today from the Acts of the Apostles. Paul is in Antioch, preaching in the synagogue, telling the story of Jesus. Toward the end of the text, speaking of the Resurrection he says, “…what God promised our fathers …as is written in the second psalm…”

Although there are many references to the Hebrew Scriptures in the New Testament, I don’t recall ever reading any specific reference to chapter or verse, like “the second Psalm.” I wondered at that so I went, of course, to Psalm 2 and found exactly what Paul was referencing in speaking of Jesus, a very familiar verse. (“You are my son; this day I have begotten you.” )

Looking for more as an expansion of the message of Psalm 2, I found from Lynn Bauman a lovely, inclusive translation*. “God says, ‘You are a child of mine, this day I birth you.'” A bit later in the psalm we see the responsibility accompanying God’s favor to the people, as the psalmist proclaims: Learn service to the God of earth and heaven. In humility and awe draw close, come near.

I look up from my computer and see the sun dappling my prayer plant as it bows in beauty before me. The tiniest of breezes ruffles the leaves. The birds are singing and the sun continues to warm the day. How can I not “draw close in awe and humility” to God in the presence of these beautiful signs and the expectation of what God holds for us this day.

*Ancient Songs Sung Anew, p. 3)