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I cannot escape this world that I live in, even if I wanted to with my whole self, that is: body, mind and spirit. So here is what seems quite evident to me on this first day of the week. I woke up with the thought that I need to change my attitude toward the present state of the world. I recognized that I have been devolving into a reactive mode with the negative forces (restrictions, political rhetoric, etc.) rising while my normal state of optimism was receding. The miracle of the day is that everything is converging to feed the good on my path.

Kitchen conversations at “coffee hour” just now were all about the spiritual lessons of yesterday given free of charge on the internet by spiritual leaders of East and West. Today’s lectionary readings at usccb.org were like stepping stones into light. Then more gifts from bloggers followed and I am now set to join a virtual congregation of Mass-goers at my favorite local Church to touch back into my heritage of beautiful Catholic ritual where approximately 300 believers will join with the exquisite singing voices of Pat and Jan and to listen to the wisdom of Father Charles whose presence as presider is a gift in itself. Additionally, every time I participate in this virtual Sunday liturgy, it seems that the seven necessary participants are joined by others. The resonance and volume seem to indicate many more participants in the church when in reality we are elsewhere but joining in spirit.

How can I not be grateful for this day, this opportunity to live in light – even in the face of what appears to be opposition? I am convinced of the call to shake off “the deeds of darkness” and bathe in the Light. Might you find ways to join in this attitude of gratitude today?