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I met Sister Paula in the kitchen awhile ago and we began musing on this “time out of time” that we are experiencing now. It started simply enough with both of us looking back to the weather systems of our childhood. I am certain (well, not really…) that “April showers bring May flowers” was a true statement then. Now, just past the middle of April, it’s snowing and yet it threatens the daffodils and forsythia and all the already-flowering trees that have been blooming for weeks but will undoubtedly be gone soon if this weather continues.

We moved on to talk about the virus that is taking the lives of so many people. The division in our country and the world about how to deal with it is monumental. This week the divide is about economy vs. possible infection rates. Eventually our question came round to levels of consciousness that play into how to proceed.

Our cat was waiting in my bedroom for my return and, because I was still drinking coffee when I came upstairs, I agreed to share my seat with her for awhile. That made it impossible, of course, to create a blog post. As I sat with her on my lap and did nothing, I thought about what I ought to do today. It’s Saturday but now that doesn’t seem to mean as much as it did two months ago. The routine of the days has become quite different. Some would call it restrictive while others name it full of opportunity. I prefer the latter, having the leisure of sitting quietly with the cat, watching at least one of the many online offerings of conferences by spiritual leaders and/or old movies that I never take the time for, making phone calls…

As I sit here, Psalm 19 runs through my consciousness: Day pours out the word to day and night to night imparts knowledge…Through all the earth their voice resounds and to the ends of the world their message.

It strikes me that these are not empty days; rather we make of them what we will, or simply experience them as they pass. I wonder if my ability to discern will deepen – in the days, during the nights or both. It seems that it’s time now – more than ever – to pay attention, especially to the subtle voices speaking all around and in us.