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On a morning like this when the sun is shining, accenting the beauty of an April snow, I look for words from Thomas Merton, having nothing of my own worthy of this glorious scene. From his Asian Journal here is the prayer I found:

O God, in accepting one another wholeheartedly, fully, completely, we accept You, and we thank You, and we adore You, and we love You with our whole being, because our being is in Your being, our spirit is rooted in Your spirit. Fill us then with love, and let us be bound together with love as we go our diverse ways, united in this one spirit which makes You present in the world, and which makes You witness to the ultimate reality that is love. Love has overcome. Love is victorious. Amen. (Thomas Merton: A Book of Hours, p.156-7)

And I would add on this Thursday in the Octave of Easter, ALLELUIA1