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While searching this morning for a bill I need to pay within the next few days, I came across something I wrote in 1986 to welcome three new members to the novitiate of our Congregation of Sisters of St. Joseph. I didn’t remember the content and was somewhat surprised when I read the talk because I found it all together pertinent to the present moment. Truth be told, it would probably be relevant to most of our days. Here is the second paragraph of the document.

One comforting thing about the journey of life is that it is a cyclic one: we have more than just one chance at things. We praise from the rising to the setting of the sun and the next day we rise to praise again. There are days on which the sun seems slow to come up, and those on which we fear the sunset will never come, but if we have awakened to the meaning of life, we begin to see the journey not as a monotonous cycle but rather as a spiral wherein each day is a new opportunity to achieve new heights of consciousness of what the journey is all about.

We have great opportunities during this hiatus from our normal activities. Perhaps we might spend some time today spiraling up to a new and deeper understanding (or at least an inkling) of the meaning of our life journey.