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As we continue to hear the seriousness of the coronavirus statistics, it’s easy to wonder if there are more deaf people in our country than we thought! Or is it that we just refuse to comprehend that there is reason for what the directives of government mean? I know that when we’re young, we think that we are indestructible but seeing news reports of hordes of young adults at Florida beaches for “spring break” just yesterday is truly shocking!

I am not willing to generalize this attitude to say the spread of the virus is the fault of millennials. There are many people – even in my generation – who say things like: “I’m just going to be out for an hour…” as if the virus has a watch to catch those spending too much time at meetings. Shelter in place means STAY HOME! unless there is serious reason to venture out for some necessity. The virus does not announce itself as it comes close to you. Are you sure you aren’t infected?

May each of us look to ourselves and refocus on the seriousness of this moment. (I know I’m preaching to the choir here so please forgive the rant.) May we do our best going forward in this life-or-death situation.