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Psalm 105 is somewhat like a history lesson with the psalmist reminding the people of all the good things God has done to keep a covenantal relationship with them. The call to “remember” is like a bell or a shout that calls the people back in song to each event.

It seems that perhaps we are at such a challenging moment in our history right now and we would do well to remember what good things God has done for us. Sometimes it is the challenge that calls us to our greatest strength. I found that kind of challenge in the face of universal distress in Lynn Bauman’s commentary this morning. He says the following:

To be in an inner state of “unforgetfulness” (or unforgetting) is considered crucial to spiritual attainment and growth. Forgetfulness has dire consequences. It does not allow for the full potential of a human being. A crucial aspect of the practice of remembrance is the invocation of God’s sacred name. To speak God’s name is to remember not only who God is, but who we are in relationship to God. Practice this form of remembrance by choosing one of the divine names and repeat or chant it with inner attention. (e.g. “Holy One, O Holy One”) Live through a day seeking to stay in an inner state of remembering the presence of God. (Ancient Songs Sung Anew, p.268)