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I’ve been sitting for some time now trying to concentrate on this almost daily task. It seems impossible after reading the news of my friend, Eileen Peters. She passed on the day before yesterday to what will certainly be a glorious reward for her life here on earth. Her fidelity to her husband Dave, her seven grown children and many “grands” — the last being born a day before she left us — had prepared her for the welcome that must have greeted her. I can imagine her lively conversation with God; she was used to that while here. I can see her walking right in and making herself comfortable in her new surroundings. It was always hard to keep up with her on a hike so I presume she is settled by now.

It was Dave’s weekly blog about the process of her illness over the past year that allows this feeling of lightheartedness in me. So many images of connection with Eileen fill my mind that there is no room yet for the sadness that will surely come as we gather to pray together in gratitude for her. The recounting of her courage and willingness grounded in the love that surrounded and sustained her was so vivid with gratitude that it is impossible not to understand something deeper about life and death and new life that I have not known before.

I have no doubt that she rests in peace now and I give thanks for lessons learned and friendship shared. Amen.