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The responsorial Psalm in the lectionary for today (PS 37) is a long one but of the few verses chosen for the liturgy, I was drawn to the first which said, Commit to the Lord your way; trust in him and he will act. I didn’t want to leave it there so I turned to my favorite translation and read the whole Psalm of 41 verses. The sentiments were the same and there are many beautiful encouragements for those of us who wish for the more poetic urging. Here are my favorite lines.

Make God, as Lord and Master, your delight and the desires of your heart God will fulfill. Give up your life to God and for the good of all, commit to the One who acts for you…Grow still, be quiet, and wait patiently within, and in that silence put your trust in God. (4-7, Ancient Songs Sung Anew – Lynn Bauman)

Not only does that confirm the value to myself that relationship with God will bring but includes as well “the good of all,” to which we are surely called. May your day be blessed in the peace and blessing of these thoughts.