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Sometimes two ideas collide in my early morning moments pushing me to look deeply for readiness. (Shakespeare said: “The readiness is all.”) Here’s what I mean.

First, I read about a woman who sold her house to buy a Stradivarius violin. The commentary about that exchange said the following. The breadth of passion, joy and beauty that she brought into the world through playing that violin far exceeded any gifts she might have offered by inviting friends to her house for tea…Give me the knowledge of my worthiness and the courage to invest in myself. (A Deep Breath of Life – Alan Cohen)

Then, a morning prayer: The world is alive with your goodness, O God. It grows green from the ground and ripens into the roundness of fruit. Its taste and its touch enliven my body and stir my soul. Generously given, profusely displayed, your graces of goodness pour forth from the earth. As I have received so free me to give. As I have been granted so may I give…Pray for the coming day and for the life of the world. (Celtic Benediction – J. Philip Newell)

The challenge of selling all to have what would create the deepest willingness of soul so that transformation resulted is clear in the example of the violin. The question then remains: Am I as willing to “go all in” in my prayer for the life of the world and in my work for this day? What would it take of consciousness, resolve and time? Do I have it in me?