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Today is the feast of St. Scholastica, sister of the “famous” St. Benedict. I knew they were siblings who both led religious communities. What I didn’t know until today was that they were twins. I don’t suppose that predestined them to be close in mind and heart but it is known to often be significant in the lives of twins. For these two saints the connection seems quite important. Scholastica founded a monastery just 5 miles from her brother. Because of the strict rules of the time, they met once a year at a farmhouse because Scholastica was not permitted in the monastery of her brother. They spent their time, as one would suspect, discussing spiritual matters.

There is a sweet story about Scholastica that made me smile this morning. It seems that Scholastica was aware that the end of her life was near and she asked her brother on their yearly visit to stay the night with her. Not wanting to spend a night away from his monastery, Benedict refused. Scholastica then prayed asking God to let Benedict remain with her until the next day, whereupon a severe thunderstorm broke out, preventing a return to their monasteries.

Here’s the good part…Benedict cried out, “God forgive you, Sister. What have you done?” Scholastica replied, “I asked a favor of you and you refused. I asked it of God and he granted it.” They parted the next morning after their long discussion. Scholastica died three days later and Benedict saw her soul rising to heaven in the form of a white dove. He buried her in a tomb that he had prepared for himself. (www.franciscanmedia.org)

That might be a story that deserves a “You go, Girl!” and today might be a good day to pray for our siblings and/or those close to us like family, asking God for whatever might be favorable in their lives.