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There are many dates that we all celebrate in different ways (if we can remember them!). Some are easy, like New Year’s Day, because most people share them, but then we remember and ask: “What about Chinese New Year?”

It can get complicated. Most of us need a notebook to remember all the birthdays that we should be celebrating, especially if we have a large family or lots of expectant friends, but for most of us there are likely a few dates that make it into a special category of automatic remembrance. One of those dates for me is today; it’s my parents’ wedding anniversary.

We joke about the fact that although they probably knew in high school that they had found “the one” with whom they would spend the rest of their lives, it took them until the age of 31 years to formalize the commitment (They were born 20 days apart). It’s true that there were complications: the Great Depression where, as young people they needed to help support their families, the Second World War when they wrote enough letters to fill a trunk the size of a post office, etc. We have so many stories and images of the nearly 50 years of their marriage! My siblings and I often speak of how blessed we are to be considered among “the lucky ones.”

At a time when so many people suffer from a lack of love in their lives, those of us who have been blessed by loving relationships of any description ought to be mindful of those who have not been similarly blessed. Is there someone you know who might enjoy a visit, a call or even a hug today? Why wait?

Happy Anything Day to all!