Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the passage of time, especially when we feel the days speeding by so that we aren’t even sure if it’s Thursday or Friday – or next week already! There seems to be so much to do sometimes! I thought of Jesus this morning trying to balance things in his life. Today’s gospel from Luke is one of the stories of healing “in one of the towns where Jesus was.” This person sought out Jesus, fell down and pleaded for healing as he was “full of leprosy” and Jesus was quick to say, “I will do it. Be made clean.”

Interestingly, in this as in other stories, Jesus told the man not to tell anyone about what had happened. I wonder now if he was concerned about what would – and did – happen if the word spread. As a result “word spread all the more and crowds came to listen to him and be cured of their ailments.”

I tend to feel sorry for Jesus in these moments when he must have needed some time to recover from “the crush of the crowds.” But there’s a lesson for us in the last line of today’s gospel. When we’re overwhelmed with all we have to do or when there are lots of people vying for our attention, perhaps we should follow his example. Even like the end of that story when “great crowds assembled to listen to him and to be cured of their ailments, he would withdraw to deserted places to pray.” (LK 5:16)