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Joyce Rupp never disappoints when giving meaning to images that can bring new understandings to our relationship with God. Using ordinary life experiences as a “way in” to deeper meanings is a great gift for me and many others…like this morning.

I recently bought a new pair of slacks which are very comfortable except as I try to fit the button into the buttonhole. The slacks are not too tight at the waist but the buttonhole seems too small so it is an annoying challenge to finish the task of dressing unless I pay attention and get just the right pitch on the button as it goes through the hole. I also have a new blouse that I really like but the small buttons are round, not flat, so I am faced with another challenge getting the closure secured.You may not see the value of this analogy but, for me, it is helpful. Here is a bit of Sister Joyce’s prayer.

“Fasten my entire heart to you, Love of all Loves, that all I am and do finds its motivation in you. Fasten my mind to you, Inner Peace, that whatever stirs within leads to tranquillity. Fasten my days to you, Divine Presence, that in each happening I remain united with you. Fasten my nights to you, Holy Darkness, that I find restoration in your embracing silence….” (Prayer Seeds, p. 145)

She goes on, but you can perhaps get the idea. It’s just one moment in the day when something simple becomes a prompt to bring me back to the presence of God. What does that for you?