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One of the websites that shows up daily in my email is Brian Johnson’s “Optimize.” I don’t know how it first came to me but I used to systematically delete it each day along with all the ads that appear. Now I scan it because sometimes I find clues to good reflection topics and notes from a person I have come to see as a very energetic cheerleader. Today there was one line that caught my eye as I prepared for the events of the day. The topic was “Science Says Words Matter.” The advice at the end of his presentation was as follows.

See if you can bring a little more mindfulness to the words you use today.”

Nothing wildly creative or vastly different. Just a reminder that is valuable no matter what day it is. For me today it will be my companion during two sessions of a book study. They’re our last meetings where we will discuss The Wisdom Jesus by Cynthia Bourgeault. I am having hard time letting go of this one because of the level of deep sharing that we have experienced during our exploration. Of course it is due to Cynthia’s extraordinary insight and writing skill but the grace with which participants have responded brings the book (and Jesus, I might add) to life in a wonderful way.

So I offer two things this morning. 1. Take Brian Johnson’s advice for the day, and 2. Give The Wisdom Jesus a try. Cynthia’s work is not for those unwilling to dig deep and re-read sometimes, but this is one that may respond to your need for a deeper understanding of (as Cynthia would say) “just what Jesus was up to” here on earth.