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Sometime in the night my cell phone pulled back an hour to afford me another hour of sleep. Just like that…done…and now we are on Eastern Standard Time here. It’s a bit of a lesson, sounding like “God said ‘Let there be light and there was light'” — but not really. We have no power over the elements or the “space/time continuum,” as it is called. And most of us won’t be quite as satisfied when it is dark at 5:00EST today, rather than at 6:00 like yesterday. There’s a very long article on Wikipedia today explaining the origin and practice of Daylight Saving Time – as well as the places which have exempted themselves over the years. There is, of course, a legal process to follow in order for a state – or territory of the U.S. – to change or not to change and reasons given for the choice. Still, it remains a bit of a conundrum for me, seeming like it is just one more thing that we complicate to serve our own needs.

I must admit, however, it was very comfortable to lie in bed this morning, dozing in and out and watching the light come…So here’s a prayer for the morning to accept and be grateful for what we’ve been given in this glorious universe!

Light within all light, Soul behind all souls at the breaking of dawn, at the coming of day we wait and watch. Your light within the morning light, Your Soul within the human soul, Your presence beckoning us from the heart of life. In the dawning of this day let us know fresh shinings in our soul. In the growing colours of new beginnings all around us let us know the first lights of our heart. Great Star of the morning, Inner Flame of the universe, let us be a colour in this new dawning. (Praying with the Earth by John Philip Newell)