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Sometimes it’s hard to hear lines from Scripture like this morning’s verse that says: “We know that all things work for good for those who love God…” (ROM 8). That’s especially difficult when things seem to be frustrating our schedules or our desires or the way “things ought to be.” It sometimes takes a long look back to find the reason for what happened along the way. I even suppose I will still have a few questions when I reach the end of my particular “road” in life. It’s very helpful if we can come to see the wisdom in what didn’t make sense when it happened, but sometimes that just isn’t the case.

I have lived long enough to know that we need to trust that line from St. Paul, just as the Romans had to trust it all those centuries ago. It’s helpful if we have some help in looking back from wise people who know us well and it’s a real grace if we can actually figure out meanings that were obscure along the way. For now, however, I’ve seen enough to trust the God I’ve come to know as a good and gracious and loving guide even when I can’t see how everything fits together. I figure it will all work out in the end. Since the end result, Paul says, is good “for those who love God,” I’m safe because I truly do love God. Oh yes, I truly do – no matter what.