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I’ve been blessed in my life with a rather consistent pattern of sleep at night – as well as a felt need for at least eight hours in bed each night. I have also been aware that things change…Yesterday morning I was awake from 3 to 5AM thinking about the upcoming events and challenges of the day to come. Happily, after completing some small tasks and my 20-minute centering prayer meditation, I got back into bed and slept for another hour before my alarm rudely interrupted me.

This morning I found a section of Macrina Wiederkehr’s book, Seven Sacred Pauses, that I had underlined sometime ago. I think it will help me to relax the next time my head is too full to sleep. She says the following:

Perhaps some night when you get up to pray, something will turn over in someone’s heart and find its voice all because of your small prayer. Never underestimate what little acts of love can accomplish. Do not take lightly the sacred connections that are possible in daily life. Perhaps our very waiting in the darkness gives some struggling unknown pilgrim of the hours hope. (p.32)