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There is so much to pray for these days – so many distresses and sadnesses to endure – that sometimes we forget the words “thank you.” As we come to the end of another week, it is good to remember gratitude, even in our asking, so I turn again to J. Philip Newell who has a wonderful way to lead us there.

For the night followed by the day, for the idle winter ground followed by the energy of spring, for the infolding of the earth followed by bursts of unfolding, thanks be to you, O God. For rest and wakefulness, stillness and creativity, reflection and action, thanks be to you. Let me know in my own soul and body the rhythms of creativity that you have established. Let me know in my family and friendships the disciplines of withdrawal and the call to engagement. Let me know for my world the cycles of renewal given by you for healing and health, the pattern of the seasons given by you for the birth of new life. (Celtic Benediction, p. 76)