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Today’s gospel from Luke 5:1-11 recounts a rather unique way of finding followers for his ministry. The scene is familiar. Jesus is by the lake. Not walking as usual, however, he just gets into a boat belonging to the fisherman named Simon (Peter). The fishermen have already been out on the lake all night with nothing to show for their work and are washing their nets, ready to go home for the day – somewhat discouraged, I would guess. As if he is in charge of things at the lake, Jesus tells Simon to “put out into deep water and lower the nets for a catch.”

There could have been many responses to that directive. Simon could have said, “Are you crazy? Do you see what we’re doing here?” or “No way! We’re going home!” or any of a number of reactions to what seemed a ridiculous suggestion at that point. But Simon must have encountered Jesus before – or at least have heard of him – because he addressed him as “Master.” Then came the decision that changed Simon’s life. He stated the obvious but then acquiesced to a possibility that Jesus knew something that he, Simon, did not or simply that there was more in the command than a simple request. “Master,” Simon said,” we have worked all night and have caught nothing, BUT at your command I will lower the nets.”

Has God (or God’s envoy) ever asked you to do anything that seemed impossible? ridiculous? just nonsensical? Are you listening for that kind of challenge? Could it change your life? Just a thought…a call to be ready, just in case…