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I made the mistake this morning of catching up on national news before turning to my blog. Finding everything to be distressing or conflictual, I reverted to the readings of the day and found Psalm 67 which reminded me of the necessity and the comfort of prayer for the world. In gratitude for Lynn Bauman’s translation, I may print it and keep it in my prayer space as an everyday goad to positive thinking.

O God, have mercy upon us and bless us with the light streaming from your face. 
And so that here on earth we know and walk your ways, restore us back to health again.
May every person, every creature become an instrument of praise to you. 
And may you be the song that makes us glad, and every nation sings with joy,
For your pure justice reigns and rules, guiding all with equal hand.
May every creature, every person, then, be an instrument of praise,
And earth itself abound with a fullness yet unknown, as you alone become “our God” for everyone.
Your blessings fill us full, and cover us and earth with awe from edge to edge. (Ancient Songs Sung Anew, p.165)