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Today is Friday, an absolutely glorious summer day so far. I would like nothing more than to join the team of those working outside, making ready to greet our weekend guests later this afternoon. But I have been grounded. I was also supposed to be cooking this weekend for the retreat group but I have been relieved also from that work. I thought I would be able-bodied by now after flirting with a cold all week, doing everything one is expected to do in order to avoid what can be devastating to one’s schedule, not to mention the egoic need for usefulness! So now, I yield since I cannot speak (laryngitis), can hardly swallow (sore throat) and have the energy of a three-toed sloth! This is a strange viral onslaught, unlike anything I have ever experienced, and I am not happy it has chosen me.

There are lessons here. I know I did everything possible to avoid this situation, so why do I feel a need to make amends for my inability to help? There is no value in lament here so I will finish this sentence, sit on my mat and remember that I need to practice becoming not a perfect human doing, but rather a somewhat imperfect (as most, if not all of us, are) human being. And I will give thanks for the folks who are out there doing the work.