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Today’s gospel (LK 11: 1-13) is about the efficacy of prayer, a truth which has been evident throughout the 14 days of our gathering as a Congregation (see recent posts). Our theme: “Called together for the life of the world” was evident throughout our deliberations as we paused often to listen in silence for the direction of God’s Spirit speaking among us. How can we best serve our neighbors throughout the world in times of violence and destruction? How can we be a force for good in the complexity of today’s world?

When we were called together – six women in Le Puy, France in the 17th century – it was to serve the needs that were evident in the culture then. Our world is very different now but our call is the same: to be the Congregation of the Great Love of God wherever and however we see the need. We seek to move about in our world, seeking to be instruments of unifying love.

Today we go home, having had palpable evidence that together we are committed to the task and willing to serve the world so in need of hope. Here we were 100 Sisters. We return to nearly ten times one hundred and add our lay associates and many ministry partners to the list of those who join us on the journey. We take with us the words from Luke where Jesus said, “Ask and you will receive, seek and you will find, knock and the door shall be opened to you…”

May we know the blessing of all that we awaits us!