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This week, on two successive evenings, I watched the TV video recounting of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon, from “lift-off” to “splash-down.” It was the complete experience with footage from the NASA installation at Cape Canaveral, inside the space capsule and the historic first steps on the moon. I was taken by the closeup footage of the three astronauts. Without words, the enormity of what was happening was present in their eyes at each moment. When they did speak, their lightheartedness often belied the seriousness of their mission and spoke of their courage and willingness to “get the job done.” It was a gripping recounting of that historic event from fifty years ago.

Upon arising today at 6:10 AM, I went to the window to view the morning, already shining brightly through the glass. The sun was lighting up my panoramic view of a cloudless sky and 6 stories down the traffic moved soundlessly along the highway. As I looked to the left, there was the moon, still and beautiful in a 3/4ths – 7/8ths presence to me. I smiled and said “Good morning, Moon,” giving thanks for the brilliant minds that further our knowledge of far away places but grateful as well for the mysteries of the universe that serve to keep us on a steady course to the Divine.