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I love words like abide and dwell. They create in me a sort of longing for stasis, peacefulness, or even rest. I imagine entering a room where everyone is sitting still and silent and puts a finger to their mouth saying, “Shhh…” as I walk in and sit down. I want to stay there.

Where did that come from? Likely from the morning after a weekend filled with a dozen wonderful people at a workshop here at the Spiritual Center. Deep sharing and appreciation of each one’s giftedness mingled with a sense that, at the core, all is right with the world, if only we stay present to deeper meanings and potential. The concepts of lovingkindness and beauty rang true in the presentations and interactions of participants.

The question of how to remember and keep alive such an experience was answered for me quite simply from Henry David Thoreau this morning, as quoted by Joyce Rupp. It speaks to my first thoughts today while also allowing for the movement necessary to avoid stagnation. Thoreau says:

Dwell as near as possible to the channel in which your life flows.

May we all flow with ease this week while dwelling in sweet surrender to our life’s journey.