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Sometimes the day after a big celebration can be a “letdown.” I have an image before me of a huge gathering space with folding chairs that need to be folded and all sorts of trash that (if you’re lucky) is gathered up into barrels or bags but maybe still needs to be picked up, decorations that are either able to be rescued for another day or totally useless now…and fatigue is the only thing left except for a memory of joy or love or something beautiful which makes the fatigue worthwhile.

Even with spiritual celebrations, the day after may be less than thrilling as ordinary life begins again. It is on those days – like today – that we must remember the peak times, going inside and turning our hearts to the ever-present Spirit of God. Macrina Wiederkehr is here this morning with the perfect prayer to help us regain the beauty of Pentecost. May it rekindle the fire in our hearts for this Monday and beyond.

O Spirit, come. Come with your transforming power. Breathe upon and into my thoughts and actions this day. Let my work be a labor of love. May those who come in contact with me feel sheltered and cared for. May I do or say some small piece of goodness that will help others feel affirmed and supported. Let your wind and fire move me into the places where I am needed. Let me become your breath so that I may assist you in breathing new life into places that are stale and unfruitful. Make me forceful and gentle, powerful and humble. O Spirit, Come! (Seven Sacred Pauses, p. 84)