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Today we begin a new month, a time – at least in the northern hemisphere – when people look to slowing down and taking more time to notice the natural world. As days are longer in June and life seems lighter, there is usually some evidence of a shift in our spirits as well. More smiles, a bounce sometimes in our step, deeper breaths and willingness to help with tasks can all accompany the arrival of summer weather.

For those of us who are slow (or at least a little slower than most) to give in to this shift toward lightheartedness, Joyce Rupp offers a prayer that we might use as a morning ritual to get us up to speed. See what you think.

All Encompassing Heart, where there is impatience, let me bring kindness. Where there is strife, let me bring harmony. Where there is hurt, let me bring healing. Where there is rigidity, let me bring openness. Where there is judgment, let me bring understanding.

O Wide and Spacious Love, turn me toward your unconditional acceptance. I seek to be a vessel of your great love. Let me carry your love into all parts of my life and pour it forth willingly and generously. (Prayer Seeds, p. 150)