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Yesterday I had a deep and meaningful conversation with a very wise person about doing and being. The long and the short of it was that we spend most of our lives trying to figure out the best ways of doing our lives while sometimes totally missing the value of simply (I use that word advisedly) being. I guess it would be fair to say “being present” to/in our lives as a way to more easily get at what we meant.

This morning, not having any particularly significant revelations so far in my morning reading or thinking, I sat for a bit feeling the sun go in and out through the dissipating cloud cover. As I sat waiting, I decided at least to go to the page on my computer where I write my blog. (If I ever think I am in control of my life I have only to turn on my computer most days.) The message that appeared on my screen was: YOU ARE NOT CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET. I am beyond being frustrated with that message so decided to do the only thing I know how to do in that case. I turned off the power. And then I sat – doing nothing.

In the moments between OFF and ON again, when the computer was finally compliant, I did nothing but I did feel the sun gathering force for the day. And it was enough. I hope to remember that space of being as I go about my Saturday tasks and prepare to enter into what is for me and for many the most sacred week of the year.