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This morning I sit waiting for the snow/sleet/rain that has been predicted. Nothing is happening outside and there is no sound except one mourning dove and a small cheeping bird of some kind. I am supposed to leave in an hour to be part of a work detail helping friends to pack up dishes and other belongings in preparation for a move to a new home. It’s one of those days when everything could be tinged with tension if we go ahead with the plan, knowing that the return home could be difficult because of slippery roads. Why not wait until tomorrow when there will be clouds but no precipitation expected? But we had this plan…

Flexibility is so easy for some people and so difficult for others. I credit spiritual practice for any melting of rigidity in my life; letting go usually means letting God do the deciding. You must have heard that phrase: Let go and let God, yes? Easy to say but sometimes difficult to achieve. If we start with the little things, however, like allowing a schedule change when an alternative presents itself without a problem, we can learn to deal with the bigger things with less distress. Staying in touch with God is key.