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The gift of yesterday will certainly be difficult to match but because the participants and the situation will differ this afternoon I have high hopes for day two of our four-day weekend extravaganza!

My lesson from yesterday included the power of music and word in the exquisite talents of instruments and voice, story and familiar texts all woven together in a liturgical celebration impossible to describe and not likely to be repeated. We often say among us (Sisters) that “this was the best jubilee ever!” but yesterday was, in truth, my vote for that honor. I mused later that we may be getting older but we certainly can still sing! The power of community was evident from the anticipatory morning greetings to the sharing of prayer, memories and laughter in the small group that celebrated our Sister Grace before bedtime.

Today I expect the best from family. In the context of the larger “Church family” I hope to see the smiles and know the hugs of cousins from near and far – three generations of them! It will certainly be “the more, the merrier” – all to celebrate the newest addition to the O’Malley-Maloney family on this most appropriate of feasts, St. Patrick’s Day!

May the blessing of Patrick bring you joy today. May God hold you always in the hollow of his hand.