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Today, the Book of Deuteronomy tells me, is one on which we are to observe God’s statutes and decrees with all our heart and with all our soul. that will not be difficult for me as I drive to Albany, NY where the sisters of my heart (Sisters of St. Joseph) will gather in person or in spirit to celebrate those who are celebrating anniversaries of life in community (25, 40, 50, 60, 70 or 75 years). It is, for all of us, a very special time.

In a different way, but in a similarly holy event in a weekend that will stretch until Tuesday, we will say farewell to our friend, Rev. Alfred Bebel, at a funeral ritual that will be both sad (for us) and happy (for him) as we celebrate this “good and faithful servant” of over 85 years of full life.

In between these two events, I will participate tomorrow in the baptism ritual of a new tiny and already well-loved cousin as well as a day of Lenten reflection on Spiritual Wholeness on Monday. This event I will share with a parish group with whom I was privileged to celebrate Lent last year as well. The depth of sharing was great for a first meeting then so I feel in a small way that Monday will be like a homecoming, most especially in the similar liturgical ritual that will punctuate each of the events of these four days.

As I prepare to begin this four-day journey, I am well aware of the importance of each day of life – whatever the events or the passage of the hours – as being worthy of observation with my whole heart and soul. Let us all enter into the holiness of life with gratitude for life itself, for the rituals that unite us and for the companions that God has provided for us along the way.