The last line in today’s gospel is the familiar “Do to others whatever you would have them do to you.” I started thinking about what I would say if everyone I met today struck up a conversation and somewhere before departing asked me, “What may I do to/for you?” It occurs to me that when this happens (usually when I have what looks like too many things to carry), I usually respond, “I’m good,” which, if I think about it, really doesn’t answer their question. Why is that, do you think? Is it my need to be/seem independent? If so, what does that say about willingness to relate/be in union with others? If I don’t want to “bother” anyone, the further question about relationship is the same.

Wanting help and needing help are two different things but it might be good to think about both and allow acquiescence on occasion. It might – in some cases – build humility and at all times open the door to welcome.