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I went out ten minutes ago (6:10 a.m.) to get my morning coffee and was greeted with the clearest sky possible, darkly shining in the moonlight with the morning star as brilliant as a huge diamond. I thought of a quote learned long ago: “The morning star shines clear in the sky, offering it the word of life.” After a glorious display, the light spreads quickly and the day begins again. I must not dawdle if I am to catch the show.

Yesterday, our “desert day” confirmed the truth of the desert Abba Moses in the following “word.”

“A certain brother went to Abba Moses in Scete and asked him for a good word. And the elder said to him: Go, sit in your cell, and your cell will tell you everything.”

I now know that if my cell is the night sky, or the glory of a rising sun, or just my morning coffee time on my bed, the word will be heard if, of course, I am listening well.