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I was surprised this morning as I clicked on the usccb website to find that the first reading for this “ordinary” Monday was the beginning of the Book of Genesis (1:1-19). I expect that text at the Easter Vigil when the Church is all dark and a powerful voice (if we’re lucky) booms out: “IN THE BEGINNING…” and we wait for each day of creation, able to visualize the appearance of light and sky and dry land and vegetation and stars…and everything that we know about our universe. It is a glorious experience each year! I don’t remember ever seeing that text on an ordinary day – and actually, this morning it only goes as far as day four. Happily that included the sun, moon and stars, some of my favorites of God’s gifts.

I wonder what message I can take on this day when I will be working at home rather than at my office. What will I create today? Certainly nothing so vast as the universe! Will it be the day that I take another slip of my prayer plant to start it growing in someone else’s life? Maybe I’m just supposed to listen today to see what the world brings to me. Might I just walk more lightly or eat more consciously or read some amazing sentence that takes my breath away?

Certainly this is a day to pay attention and the best next thing to do to assure I put myself in the place of most opportunity is to go to my prayer mat and open myself to the Spirit “brooding over the waters…”