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Just for a moment as I looked out my window this morning the sky was pink and blue and beautiful. Now I can still call it beautiful as I mourn the passing of pink and wait for the light of full sun – the promise of the meteorologists for this day. But my enthusiasm is tamped down a bit by a tiny ache in my heart, the same one that soars with the wonder of sunrise but today makes me long for the mountains and faces of Peru. Strange that ten days of immersion in a far-away place could be so deeply planted just by the smiles of children or the grandeur of mountains. But it is clearly there, as firmly as the loyal tree that graces my window, and just as still.

I need to shake off the lassitude that comes with travel and get back to the work-a-day world that fills my life with meaning. I know I will but also am confident of a larger stretch of life outside my window that I take to all the days to come. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.