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I awoke in the dark before 6:00am this morning and pulled up blankets that had been displaced in the night, grateful for the warmth they afforded. When I opened my eyes again at 8:02 (!) it was to blazing sun and clear blue skies and I gave thanks. I have just finished drinking a large mug of coffee while sitting in the comfortable chair that embraces me and I smile in gratitude. I have already begun a litany in my head of graces I have received, people I have loved and still love, companions on the journey all. For meaningful work and co-workers, for childhood friends and family, for religious community and Church congregations, I give thanks. 

Today is the feast of St. Cecilia, patron of musicians, and she seems the perfect soulmate for the celebration of Thanksgiving Day. I cannot imagine a life without music and give thanks for all the great musicians who have lifted my spirits – and my body in dance – with their talent and creativity.

Already there is a turkey waiting to be cooked and a table ready to be decorated, a special grace to be written with an acknowledgment of those who still do not have what we have to be shared. We are so very blessed and are aware that that giving back is the best manifestation of gratitude. We are called to spread the light of love and do so gratefully on this day.

May we all be mindful of what is most important in life as we share ourselves on this feast. Happy Thanksgiving!