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afoliageAs I was mowing the lawn yesterday I woke up to the shift in the season. The colors are changing, the smells and earthiness on the breeze in the back field are different and there is a wistfulness that bubbles up in me to know that once again we are moving away from the lightness of summer. At the same time, I am now alert for the glory to come as I search the trees for the tinges of color that announce the autumn miracle of the leaves. It’s always a risk that the summer was too wet or too dry to allow much color in the autumn leaves but we are usually wrong and nature puts on a lovely show. I found a little prayer this morning, just right to accompany me this day.

In the beginning, O God, when the firm earth emerged from the waters of life, you saw that it was good. The fertile ground was moist, the seed was strong and earth’s profusion of color and scent was born. Awaken my senses this day to the goodness that still stems from Eden. Awaken my senses to the goodness that can still spring forth in me and in all that has life. (J Philip Newell, Celtic Benediction, p. 26)