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aawarenessAs the days of September slip away too quickly, I am trying to find a rhythm that will make me feel as if I am living the days in the best way I can. Turning for help from Sister Joan Chittister in her book Wisdom Distilled from the Daily, I found the following familiar story that made me smile but also gave me a practical reminder.

One day a traveler begged the Teacher for a word of wisdom that would guide the rest of the journey. The Teacher nodded affably and though it was the day of silence took a sheet of paper and wrote on it a single word, “Awareness.” “Awareness?” the traveler said, perplexed. “Couldn’t you expand on that a bit?” So the Teacher took the paper back and wrote, “Awareness, awareness, awareness.” But what do these words mean?” the traveler insisted. Finally the Teacher reached for the paper and wrote, clearly and firmly, “Awareness, awareness, awareness means…Awareness!” (p.68)

My practice today will be an attempt to be present at every moment to that which is happening around me and within me so that I will not miss the voice of God at any moment or in any event.