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asilenceJust a few words this morning as I prepare to travel to New Hampshire for five days of retreat with a brilliant spiritual teacher half my age. If you haven’t met Rev. Matthew Wright, I urge you to look him up on the internet at awaking heart (his blog) or northeast wisdom or the contemplative society. Matthew has a winning smile that invites everyone in to his vast knowledge and practice of Wisdom Christianity and Sufism, the mystical arm of Islam. Matthew is a great gift to anyone seeking to delve the inter-spiritual depths of the three great Abrahamic traditions (add Judaism to the other two) to see similarities more than differences and to reverence each for the richness they bring to the world.

I cannot promise blog posts until next Monday but will remain open to whatever each day brings. We may be asked to abandon our electronic devices, so if you find no new posts for five days, please simply join me in prayer and the great privilege of the silence.