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adominicToday Christians celebrate the feast of St. Dominic, the founder of the Order of Preachers, commonly known as the Dominicans. Dominic, born toward the end of the 12th century, was trained in the arts and theology and expected to spend his priestly life as a contemplative monk. That all changed when he took a trip to France to accompany his bishop. There he encountered the Albigensian heresy and began with a small group of companions to preach the gospel that was in direct contrast to the heretical teachings of the Albigensians. He and his fellow preachers gradually became a community, thus in 1215 becoming known as the religious Order of Preachers.

The website franciscanmedia.com says the following as a summary of the way “ordinary Christians” ought to live. “Dominic’s ideal, and that of his Order, was to organically link a life with God, study, and prayer in all forms, with a ministry of salvation to people by the word of God. The effective combining of contemplation and activity is the vocation of truck driver Smith as well as theologian Aquinas. Acquired contemplation is the tranquil abiding in the presence of God, and is an integral part of any full human life. It must be the wellspring of all Christian activity.”

Christians today are finding the same truth essential as they search for deeper connection with their faith. While Church practice is still central to their lives, more is seen as a necessary component and can take the form of Scripture study groups, soup kitchen and other volunteer service organizations – anything that connects God to their everyday existence and to the greater unity of the world.

My prayer today will include reflection on how, where and when I am the presence of God and God’s word to those I meet each day. Won’t you join me?