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apeacePsalm 48 speaks today of the heavenly city where God reigns as a stronghold. It seems right now that in our country we are moving further and further away from that notion of “a holy city built on a mountaintop where peace reigns.” Politically, we become more and more divided by the day and a serious outbreak of violence seems inevitable as our president upends all of what we hold as the values of our democracy.

Questions of how to speak truth to power while maintaining our equilibrium become more difficult to answer. It is clear to me and to many people with whom I speak that solutions/responses cannot come from our political discourse. All must be grounded in the bedrock of inner work. Silence (which I’ve heard is “God’s first language”) must precede action or violence will result. Perhaps we will not be those who throw the rocks and start the fires, but if we do not come from a place of inner silence our words will cut like a knife and do a kind of damage that is not easily repaired.

Let today be the day we increase our efforts toward peace. Stop talking about your outrage and pray for peace. Stop vilifying people with whom you disagree by volunteering at a hospital or a shelter. Don’t get in your car until you can drive from a place of peace. Use up the energy that fuels your anger by working in a garden – yours or one providing food for the poor – pulling weeds and removing rocks. Think of something along these lines that will work for you and commit to it for the long haul.

Pray for me as I will for you that we will all come to the peace that we offer to our country and our world as our commitment to the future.