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astpeterstpaulWe all come to God in our own time and in our own way. Whether we are born into a religious tradition that nurtures our faith in an organic way for the duration of our life or have a moment of recognition brought on by an extraordinary event, our life journey is as unique as our thumbprint and just as special.

Today we celebrate the lives of Saints Peter and Paul, perhaps the two people most responsible for the spread of Christianity. Peter was with Jesus from the beginning of his public life. His commitment to Jesus was total even though his impulsive words and actions often got him into trouble. Paul came later, never having seen Jesus until a shocking vision changed his life forever.

As we contemplate the lives of these two giants of faith let us consider that everything about us is important to the God who created us. Our personality – whether steady or erratic, our natural inclinations and ways of working, our gifts for mathematics or poetry and more…all create an energy in the world that would not be released had we not come to birth.

So let us be grateful for the sainthood in each one of us – hidden for now or manifest – as we celebrate Paul and Peter, the man of means and the fisherman, who joined forces and changed the world. And let us not be self-effacing in the possibility that lies within us to do our part in what is evolving in our own day.