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acircleofwomenYesterday I spent the afternoon at a reunion. I’m looking at the word now: re-union, and I know it to be a true description of what happened in the gathering. These eight women (one of whom was only able to be with us yesterday in spirit) had spent over ten years gathering once a month to share life in a most meaningful way. We couldn’t remember exactly when it began although with some digging I may be able to reconstruct the timeline. What we knew was the indelible imprint we had left on each other’s hearts. So yesterday – older and most likely wiser after nearly a decade apart because of other commitments – we found each other again with our love for one another intact and our willingness to share ourselves even more deeply than before.

Life has sculpted us in ways we didn’t have time to share fully as the afternoon flew by but what we did not have to remind each other was that we have come into this new moment maybe even more desirous of spiritual deepening than when we last met. What shape this effort will take is still in seed. It is clear that we will not just repeat the pattern of our first incarnation together. What is obvious to me as I sit here this morning is the truth that we are all one, living in a unity that allows us to be more than we are alone for the good of the world. Our circle is not closed but open to others who call to us while giving us the strength we need to become our best selves.

What I describe is perhaps one of those “you had to be there” events, comprehensible only to the participants. I speak of it only to suggest that regardless of advancing age that includes physical diminishment and loss there is a beautiful inner landscape in each of us that we can mirror to each other if we meet in a space of acceptance and grateful presence. May we be that presence for one another and a model for other seekers as we go forward in divine grace!