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asummerarrivesI got out of bed this morning at the exact moment of the summer solstice: 6:07 AM! Had I known, I would likely have stood before my bedroom window and bowed, at least, in honor of the great light that brings so many benefits to our days – including the energy that often gets me out of bed. I am aware of the turning of our world today and the ability of scientists through the ages to discover things like the exact moment when the sun is at its highest in the Northern Hemisphere. I’m thinking as well of my cousins in Australia for whom the winter solstice has just happened as they mark the darkest part of the year.

How magnificent is the world we live in, not simply because of the regularity of seasons or the mirroring that can be perceived from north to south and south to north. I wait with such expectation each year for the leafing out of trees and the taste of corn on the cob, the flowering of forsythia and arrival of the hummingbirds. To  be fair, I must admit that the quiet arrival of the first snowfall also dazzles me. There is, of course, a downside to consider: the devastating fires and drought, for example, happening with or without human intervention, wreaking havoc in the lives of farmers and others who rely on good weather for their livelihood.

The question that arises for me in all this is whether or not I am willing to embrace life in all its moments, celebrating the good and enduring the difficult, while continuing to believe in possibility and learning the lessons life teaches – every day in every way. It can be more than a bit of a challenge sometimes, but today, welcoming summer, I say “Yes!”