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acalendarpagesI’ve been astonished lately by the swiftness of time passage. I can hardly believe that May is waiting in the wings, appearing just after the coming weekend. I see or hear news of young people going off to college when my last marker was their sixth-grade band concert; trying to guess anyone’s age is a futile occupation lately. At the same time, the turning of the year seems so long ago in this season of never-ending winter. (I dare not say that aloud as it might jinx what looks like a true spring finally appearing!)

Time seems a concept less understandable than I formerly thought and, although there never seems to be enough of it for the important things, my sense of what is truly important has shifted lately. What appears now to be most crucially important is what appears before me – or within me – at any given moment. I am coming to understand that just as change is the only constant, presence is the only way to meet the changes happening all the time. The present moment is the only one we can be sure of, thus the necessity of attending to it with gusto. I am coming to realize that knowing this and choosing to practice conscious awareness so as not to miss the moment is enough. Now comes the task of staying awake…