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awedding-e1523112328209.jpgToday I anticipate joy in abundance. If you read yesterday’s post you’re probably thinking I’m referencing the acclamation: This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us be glad and rejoice in it! I must admit I was relieved that I remembered to say it to myself when I got out of bed this morning. If nothing else, I ought to practice what I preach! But I digress!

In an hour or two I will get in my car and drive to Massachusetts with the goal of arriving in no more than six hours – maybe less if conditions are right – at the neighborhood of my childhood memories. My young, beautiful cousin, Molly, is to be married today to Dan, who seems the perfect addition to our family. In itself, that event will certainly be a joy but add to it the opportunity to spend time with cousins of three generations and I can imagine nothing better. There is lots of love that binds us and surely the spirits of our parents will be with us. I heard recently that Molly’s wish was to be married ‘in Grandmother’s church” and so it shall happen!

The added bonus to all this comes at its conclusion, however. Because my brother and sister-in-law will be here, my sister has engineered a plan for us to spend the week together – something that hasn’t happened for the past five years! It is a fact of life now that siblings routinely live at a distance from each other – 3,000 miles of distance for us: Cape Cod, MA to San Diego, CA! It is quite difficult in our case so I am sure today that the saying “what’s seldom is wonderful” will be our experience this week. The plan is simple: just being together!

In the spirit of being “all in” to the experience, I am planning to be as present as possible with little interference. Thus, in a rare moment of self-care, I plan to take a vacation from writing this blog until Monday, April 16th. Wish me luck in letting it go, if you will. Perhaps there is something that you ought to take a vacation from…or maybe you simply ought to ask the question today of what you have not done in awhile that gives you the kind of joy that makes your heart sing. That’s where you’ll find me this week!