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acenteringSynonyms for constantly: continuously, persistently, always, again and again, frequently, repeatedly, over and over…(You get the picture, yes?)

The first verse of today’s lectionary psalm calls to us: Look to the Lord in his strength; seek to serve him constantly. (PS 105:4) That adverb strikes a chord in me immediately. I think of the days I am very busy or late leaving for work in the morning and find myself grumpy or less effective during the day and wondering why. Then I realize that I did not take the time for my 20 minutes of centering prayer, an essential part of my morning routine. No kidding! It really makes a difference. It’s like taking vitamins or doing physical exercise.

Centering prayer is probably the simplest (although not always easy) meditation practice of all. It just requires the practitioner to sit down, make an intention to be in the Divine Presence and let go of thoughts. As the practice has deepened in me over the last eleven years, I have come to recognize the ability to let go of the habit of judgment – of myself, of other people and of situations or circumstances that used to bother me. Why would I not consent to God’s action in this brief pause each day? Good question as I prepare to sit and set my timer…