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acrocusDawn is breaking. It is 13 degrees Fahrenheit outside and the snow continues to cover the land. The psalmist cries this morning, O Lord, hear my prayer and let my cry come to you. Spring is scheduled to arrive today at 12:15PM EDT – the moment when the sun is directly in line with the equator. “It’s hard to believe,” I say to myself, considering the lack of signs of spring. But then I think of the faith of the psalmist whose trust is in the willingness of God to hear the voice of those in distress. There’s lots of distress in the world today and I am drawn to question the faith quotient of those of us who now send out prayers for better times – myself, I mean.

I am fairly certain that the flowers will be peeking their heads out relatively soon and the leaves will come, first as light green shadows on the trees and quickly thereafter as fully unfurled leaves. It would take a lot to dash my hope of those realities coming to fruition again this year. Is my trust in the loving God to whom I pray to hear and answer our needs as strong? Perhaps the answer lies in my willingness to let go of outcome.

I cannot effect a change in the flowering of spring, even as I watch for a repeat performance of last year’s beauty. In the same way I need to remember that God is the Wisdom, in charge of the flow of time, knowing better than I what is the course of history and the answers to our longing. Today then, I will remind myself again to “let go and let God” as I welcome the knowledge of Spring’s arrival and bundle up to face the day.