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asnowaccidentWe’re bracing for a storm here in the Northeast. It’s no surprise. In addition to the reports coming in from all across the country to our west, the traditionalists just say, “We always have one doozy of a storm in March – usually in the middle – before the surrender to spring.” I learned early in my life that “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.” It’s predicted that we will have 8 to 15 inches of snow, more than my town has had this whole winter season!

For me, as for school-age children, this prediction is like the promise of vacation even if just for a day. For some people who are “first responders” or health care workers or others whose work makes it necessary for them to be at their jobs, tomorrow might be dangerous and for homeless people, even more so. This thought reminds me that there are usually two sides to everything: coins, arguments, even world views – although that last is always much more complicated than the flip of a coin.

Today I will make it my practice to look for the other side of every argument, just to broaden my perspective on things. It will be difficult as I approach the big issues: immigration and gun control, for example. For those I will try at least to recognize the reasons others hold opposing views from mine. If all else fails, I will pray to understand the people holding those views. On second thought, maybe that’s the place to start in efforts at understanding rather than a place to end up. Wish me luck – or join me, if you dare!